December 24, 2019 8:00 PM

New venue confirmed for Sprayer Demo on 26th Feb.

Following the dreadful autumn rainfall and ongoing poor weather, the original site for the 2020 Sprayer Demo was understandably unavailable.

However, AW Smith & Sons near Horncastle in Lincs have very kindly stepped in with a 27ha gravel site, on a hillside.

The site is currently a stubble turnip cover crop, which will have been selectively grazed, and has a range of slopes and level areas to really test the machines.

The field is on 36m tramlines and should prove to be a great opportunity for growers and operators to compare machines like for like in real on farm conditions.

Event manager Andy Newbold commented that’ We are really grateful to Ed Smith at AW Smith and Sons Ltd for stepping in at such short notice, and are looking forward to a practical showcase for all the demonstrating machines’.

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