Agrifac are the sole importers for all Agrifac Crop Sprayers, Holmer Sugar Beet Harvesters and Zunhammer Slurry/Digestate equipment in the UK.

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The Agrifac Condor IV with StrictSprayPlus and StrictHeightPlus will be demonstrating at the National Sprayer Demo Day 2019.

With StrictSprayPlus you can apply perfect amounts everywhere at all times. StrictSprayPlus calculates the speed and required spraying rate for every nozzle. These values are used to determine how much every single nozzle needs to spray.

To further improve the boom balance under all conditions, Agrifac introduced the StrictHeightPlus height control system. With this, BalancePlus, from the Agrifac J-boom, and variable geometry work in harmony to keep the boom free-hanging in all situations. Therefore, the boom can move freely, and the movements of the machine are not passed onto the boom, resulting in the calmest and most stable boom ride possible, and improving your spray quality.

Speak to an Agrifac representative at the event to find out more about these features. > Agrifac UK