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Vicon goes high-tech with mounted sprayers

Highlighting the technology and output potential of its mounted sprayers, Vicon will be showing its latest iXter B-series in combination with an iXtra front tank, offering a total carrying capacity of almost 3,000 litres.

With iXflow E and individual nozzle control, application accuracy is among the best on the market. Linked to an App, operators can remotely control nozzles when outside the cab, to simplify nozzle flow checks and pattern testing. Vicon’s iXter offers full liquid management between both tanks, along with full spray line recirculation, plus iXclean Pro one-touch automated cleaning. 

The iXter B’s vertical folding HC boom offers single-side folding to negotiate in-field obstacles without having to fold the entire boom.

Vicon extends iXtrack T series

Vicon’s trailed sprayer range continues to grow, and new T4 and T6 versions now join the T3 series, representing an all-new generation of high-tech trailed sprayers from the firm.

The ISOBUS-compatible iXtrack models have tank capacities from 2,600 to 7,400-litres, and booms from 18 to 40m. All use a suspended parallelogram rear frame, which remains active on the road to cushion the boom in transport. With soft boom balancing, the result is improved application accuracy and greater boom stability, minimising spray height deviation above the crop canopy.

On display will be a T4 with 36m boom, from local dealer Irelands Farm Machinery. It features Boom Guide levelling, spray line recirculation and iXclean Pro one-touch automated cleaning systems.

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