February 2, 2019 8:00 PM

Harper unites with MagGrow in research collaboration

Harper Adams University has entered a research and development collaboration with MagGrow, an Irish SME based in Dublin, that will strengthen and extend the company’s industrial, agricultural research capability and experience.

The collaboration focuses upon the realisation of a strong industrial research base for agricultural spraying coupled with the development of the agricultural spray testing facility. Both exploit the University’s long track-record in crop protection technology and its activity as a collaborating agency within the World Health Organisation vector control programme.

The development and exploitation of new and novel technology has been core to industrial co-operation in the past. It is in the same vein that this collaborative agreement provides the foundation for Harper Adams University to explore some of the fundamental science behind the MagGrow system.

The development of the engineering research and spray test capabilities as part of the agreement will assist in identifying and quantifying spray-related performance factors. It will also provide the opportunity to optimise system performances, as a result of this knowledge, yielding potential benefits to food production and the environment alike.

Parmjit Chima, Head of Engineering at Harper Adams, said: “The partnership with MagGrow will bring an exciting stimulus to industrial research into agricultural spray technologies at Harper Adams University. The collaboration will further develop relationship with the company in new product design, develop and test innovative spray technology systems. This initiative will further cement the university’s position in teaching, research and innovation in fixed, mobile and aerial spray systems”

Gary Wickham, MagGrow CEO, said: ‘In building a company with a strong product portfolio, and entry into a growing number of international key markets, the team at MagGrow are dedicated to a scientific approach to drive innovation and continuous improvement. Critical to this approach has been partnership across research institutions. Collaboration is an important part of this process, seeking the best in their field to help facilitate scientific credibility, sustainable growth, customer satisfaction and competitive standing. In this regard, we are delighted to be working with Harper Adams University in what promises to be a significant and mutually important synergistic endeavour.”

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