Househam Predator 5000-

The Predator 5000, this is the next generation of crop sprayer produced by Lincolnshire manufacturer Househam Sprayers. This machine is offered at a high specification as standard.

Individual nozzle control as standard up to 36m, with function for 4 nozzles per section allowing turn compensation and variable rate application across the boom. This is all maintained by Househam’s all new smart regulation system ensuring ultimate application. Shown here with a 5000litre stainless steel spray tank & 36m boom the machine weighs 9.85tonne.

The Predator is powered by a Mercedes-MTU 230hp Tier-4 engine to adhere to emission legislation.

The company has selected hydraulic suspension on this model, reducing body roll whilst maintaining operator comfort. Adaptive modes allow the option of a firmer ride for road use and additional damping in the field.

Load sense hydraulic circuit ensures the machine remains efficient during

operation. Tasks such as un-folding and machine filling can be completed at idle RPM.

Fitted with Michelin R46 Spraybib tyres from factory allows the machine to travel at road speeds of 50km/hr but maintaining the correct loading capacity. This is achieved by the Househam transmission system at engine speeds as low as 1800rpm, aiming to reduce fuel usage on the road.

The cabin is Househam’s own featuring category 4 filtration & is fully roll over protection tested and approved.


The Spirit MkII is the company’s next generation of Spirit, joining the range in 2017.

The all new Spirit was introduced specifically to fill the very significant gap in the market for a high technology, low weight self-propelled machine. A pleasure to drive, quick and easy to fill and simple to operate too, the Spirit offers ease-of-use, but with future proof technology.


The Spirit has also found huge appeal amongst customers who demand small, lightweight machines, but with ‘future-proof’ technology.


Weighing in at 6200 kg dry weight, the Spirit brings together all of these requirements at a highly competitive price.


The standard Spirit boasts a high specification cab with full air conditioning, 3000 litre capacity GRP tank, reliable 24 metre boom, proven hydrostatic drives for power and manoeuvrability, and a Mercedes MTU 4R1000 Tier-4 150hp power pack that smoothly delivers the necessary power with reliability and economy.


After extensive research and development, including input from our customers, Househam’s R&D technicians have created a new and revolutionary design incorporating an open power pack engine and pump system mounted to the rear of the machine. The positioning of the engine delivers excellent 50:50 weight distribution and enhanced operator comfort with one of the quietest cabs of any other machine available today.


The SPIRIT is available with Seletron – a cutting-edge electronic shut-off nozzle valve that, applied to ARAG nozzle holders and integrated with the GPS-linked Bravo 400S controller, allows individual nozzle control. The system automatically shuts off each individual nozzle to avoid spray overlap, maximising spraying precision and minimising wastage.


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