March 14, 2020 6:30 PM

Amazone adds new FT 1502 front spray tank

Amazone has added a new FT 1502 front spray tank to the UF2002 mounted sprayer to increase the capacity to 3,500 litres. This increased tank capacity makes it an  interesting alternative to a self-propelled sprayer. 

The optional FlowControl+ and its compact design make the front tank the ideal extension for a mounted sprayer.

With the Amazone FT 1502 front tank, the UF 2002 can be extended up to a capacity of 3,500 litres.

The ample 350 litre capacity of the clean water tank on the UF 02 facilitates the thorough internal cleaning of the complete sprayer combination and the compact sprayer-tractor unit is ideal when driving on narrow country lanes. 

The special feature of the FT 1502 is the 100 % integration of the front tank into the rear sprayer using the FlowControl+ electronic fill level management via an ISOBUS terminal. The technology behind the FlowControl+ is the two electronic fill level sensors in the front and the rear tanks and two high-performance venturis. These venturis are powered by an additional 150 litre/min pump mounted on the UF.

The transfer rate in each direction is up to 200 litres/min. Liquid is continuously transferred between the front and rear tanks ensuring that the spray agent is always optimally mixed. 

The ISOBUS terminal automatically controls the liquid levels, so that the weight distribution is always kept at the optimum. Any premature reduction of the load on the front axle is prevented and, furthermore, FlowControl+ ensures that both tanks are automatically fully filled during the filling process and emptied during the spraying process. Both tanks are cleaned out at the end.

The operator terminal controls the liquid circuit. Only when the fill level of the rear mounted sprayer reaches the 30 % mark is then the spray agent pumped from the front tank to the rear

Manual control also makes it possible to switch off the FlowControl+ automatic function and only use the front tank for transporting additional rinsing water or usable water for subsequent spraying. The FlowControl+ pump provides additional practical support during the filling process of the UF 02, so that a maximum fill speed of up to 400 litres/min is possible with the overall combination.

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