December 2, 2018 8:00 PM

Knight blazes a new trail

Knight Farm Machinery is introducing a number of new features and designs in its Trailblazer II range of sprayers that will simplify the machine’s plumbing and help operators achieve both optimum spraying performance and compliance with environmental regulations.

The new machine will be fitted with a hydraulically driven pump located at the rear of the chassis and immediately adjacent to the boom. This new, simplified design removes several metres of pipework, which will drastically reduce the volume of spray solution remaining in the machine at the end of work.

Knight is also fitting an air purge system that reduces spill risks and washing out time in two ways.

When filling the machine, once the tank is full the air purge can be activated to return spray solution in the feed pipe to the storage tank, which will avoid wastage and the potential for spillages.

At the end of spraying when the tank is empty, the system can be used to purge the spray boom and all pipes containing spray solution onto the cropped area.

This reduces the residual volume of liquid in the plumbing system to an absolute minimum and decreases the amount of clean water required to wash out the machine.

A new induction hopper is also being offered, moving from a rectangular design to a circular one with increased capacity. This hopper is more efficient and improves mixing, and with no corners ensures totally effective mixing or the product and subsequent cleaning.

That is coupled with a new can wash and draining tray that enables chemical containers to be positioned and held with the opening at the bottom, which will improve container draining and reduce the risk of chemical spillages.

The resulting washings are then incorporated into the mixing hopper via a venturi and thoroughly mixed into the spray solution.

David Main, Knight’s Sales Manager says these ideas continue the company’s policy of introducing ideas that make the operator’s life easier: “We are also taking the opportunity to re-design the platforms and walkways fitted around the tank to enable operators to access all parts of the machine easily”.

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