September 5, 2018 8:00 PM

New Miller Nitro Series Sprayers Join Case IH Lineup of High-Efficiency Application Solutions

Case IH is introducing two new Miller Nitro® series sprayers — the Miller Nitro 7370 and 7410 front boom models — to its complete lineup of application equipment solutions.

Designed for late-season crop fertility and protection applications, the new models are ideal for custom applicators and growers who are looking for a highly efficient and productive high-clearance sprayer to meet their full season application needs. The Miller Nitro 7370 and 7410 models offer superior crop clearance, with large tank capacities and several front boom width options, along with a wide range of precision technology selections designed to enable custom applicators and growers to achieve the most efficient and accurate applications possible.

“By adding the new Miller Nitro 7370 and 7410 models into the Case IH portfolio, we offer an efficient, high-clearance, high-capacity, long-boom sprayer option for increased productivity throughout the full season of use,” said Mark Burns, Case IH application equipment marketing manager. “We continue to see an increased need in the market for late-season fertility and crop protection applications.”

Engineered with more than 6 feet of ground clearance, the two new Miller Nitro models allow for late-season spraying in tall crops, ensuring critical yield-boosting applications are made when needed, regardless of crop height or maturity. The front cab and boom configuration gives operators a full front view of every nozzle without having to look back.

Operators will appreciate the power, comfort and precision technology that are standard and as options on the Miller Nitro 7370 and 7410 models. Both models are equipped with 8.7-L, Tier 4B emissions FPT engines with 328-rated (244 kW) and 382-rated (284 kW) horsepower respectively for maximum power and fuel efficiency. FPT engines are the same engines included in all Case IH application equipment, allowing Case IH dealers the ability to service and repair engines on Miller Nitro 7000 series sprayers if needed.

Maximum operator comfort is achieved in the new Miller Nitro ultra-quiet cab. Designed specifically for the Miller Nitro models, the cabs feature 121.15 cubic feet of interior space, full-height windshield, air-suspension ride, pressurized charcoal filtration system and much more.

“Operator comfort is a top priority in the Miller Nitro series,” Burns said. “When you settle into the high-back adjustable seat and experience the quiet cab environment, you’ll appreciate the comfort of the air-ride cab with engine noise isolated behind the tank. It goes a long way in enhancing productivity and application efficiency.”

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