December 18, 2017 8:00 PM

Self-propelled and trailed sprayer updates from John Deere

John Deere has introduced a number of noteworthy sprayer updates for 2017, including the new R4050i self-propelled model that was previewed at Cereals.

The R4050i features a 5000-litre capacity tank and is equipped as standard with a 36m carbon fibre spray boom. At around 800kg lighter than a steel equivalent, the carbon fibre boom is also six times stronger and does not suffer from the stress fractures or corrosion that can significantly shorten the life of metal spray booms.

For optimum field performance and improved soil protection, this sprayer can be equipped with UltraFlex tyres such as 480/80 R46 SprayBib or 520/85 R42 CeresBib options. Carbon fibre technology also enables an improved 48 per cent front/52 per cent rear weight distribution, allowing lower tyre pressures to be used.

With an overall vehicle weight only 300kg higher than the 4000-litre R4040i model, the R4050i’s additional tank capacity, combined with the ability to spray at higher speeds of up to 28kph, offers large scale farmers and contractors a highly productive crop protection solution.

Also for 2017, John Deere’s R900i and M900 Series trailed sprayers, as well as the new R4050i, will be available with the BoomTrac Pro boom height control system.

Specifically designed for the extra wide booms demanded by large-scale farm enterprises, BoomTrac Pro offers full integration with the sprayer’s joystick control and a choice of three or five sensor options. As a result, the system provides significantly better performance when spraying on slopes, enhanced spray coverage and notably reduced spray drift.

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