May 8, 2017 12:21 PM

TeeJet launch new line of spray nozzles


TeeJet Technologies has launched a new line of variable rate spray nozzles. The family includes two nozzles for broadcast liquid fertilizer applications – the 7-stream tip/cap combo (SJ7-VR) and 3-stream tip/cap combo (SJ3-VR). Additionally, two flow regulator models are being offered for liquid fertilizer metering on seeding equipment and fertilizer application toolbars – a push-to-connect body (PTC-VR) and a Quick TeeJet hose barb body (QJ-VR).
All versions feature polymer construction with an EPDM variable orifice. The use of an elastomer-based, variable orifice allows for simple, compact design and reliable operation. No springs, pins, check valves or other moving parts are used. Typical flow rates from a single tip span the range of five fixed-orifice tips. These nozzles offer a simple, cost effective solution for prescription map, variable rate applications.  For fixed rate applications farmers can operate across a wider range of ground speeds without changing tips or using costly multiple-nozzle control systems and bodies.

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