January 23, 2017 9:50 AM

Knight Farm Machinery launches new ‘entry level’ Xplorer range

Knight Farm Machinery’s new Xplorer range offers potential customers a good specification entry level trailed sprayer, designed and equipped with the medium scale arable farmer in mind.

The machines will be available with either 3,000 or 4,000 litre spray tanks, with 12 to 28 metre self-levelling hydraulic booms.

From the ‘basic specification’ models upwards, the range will feature a good selection of equipment, designed to ensure that users can achieve excellent spray applications, says David Main, sales manager:

“Xplorer sprayers are robust machines that combine quality components and engineering to produce a reliable machine that will perform effectively, but be relatively simple and cost effective to operate and maintain”.

Spray tanks are made of moulded polyethelene and equipped with a remote drain, a 300 or 400 litre clean water rinse tank complete with a rota flush tank rinse nozzle, and a 40 litre chemical induction hopper fitted with Arag ergonomic control valves.

The Knight Series “3” self-levelling booms feature full electro-hydraulic control of boom height, fold and tilt, which ensures it maintains accurate height and spray applications.

The booms are fitted with 19mm stainless steel spray lines and served with an auto-recirculation prime and purge system. Triplet or Quin nozzle bodies are supplied together with a set of fan nozzles. The machine is powered by a 300 litres/minute Bertolini six cylinder diaphragm pump.

Control is via an Arag Delta 80 control terminal with a 21cm colour screen. This enables the operator to work with a range of systems which includes an automatic application rate controller; a 3G communication system; EGNOS and RTK receivers; DGPS guidance and Seletron auto individual nozzle control. It also facilitates joystick control of boom movement functions and spray control.

The machine has a self-levelling suspension and proven anti-yaw suspension. It is also fitted with a heavy duty axle (fitted with 340/85 R48 wheels) with combined leaf spring and air suspension, and an AXLE-Trak auto steering axle system with a slope/tilt sensor.

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