December 30, 2016 3:46 PM

New Househam Spirit self-propelled sprayer to debut at LAMMA 17

Lower fuel consumption, reduced noise levels, improved ride quality and stability are some of the important benefits which will further enhance the class leading specification of the Spirit model in the Househam self-propelled crop sprayer range.

For 2017 Househam will be introducing an updated version of their Spirit model which will be fitted with a 4-cylinder in-line Series 1000 engine, producing 150 hp, from the outstanding range of high performance engines from MTU, a leading European manufacturer of industrial diesel engines which is part of Rolls-Royce Holdings.

The MTU 1000 series engines use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust after treatment technology for Tier 4 compliance and No Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) technology is utilised to achieve further particulate reduction, which means regeneration, using additional fuel consumption, is not necessary.

Further advantages of using the MTU engine include; Higher torque at low engine rpm allowing the operator to spray at a reduced engine speed, a highly efficient engine exhaust brake preventing engine over-speed when braking, increasing safety and operator comfort, a saving of up to 5% in fuel consumption in comparison to EU Stage Tier IIIA engines and up to 20% longer engine life are claimed.

In addition to the new MTU engine the Spirit S3-24 now features load compensated, self-levelling independent suspension. Using a fast reacting levelling valve for each of the Spirit’s four Airbags, the suspension ride height is automatically adjusted for the terrain whether the spray tank is full or empty. In this way the adaptive suspension greatly improves ride quality and stability in the field and on the road, whether loaded or empty.

A temperature controlled hydraulic cooling fan further enhances fuel economy and reduces noise by regulating the fan speed according to Coolant, Intercooler and Hydraulic oil temperature, only operating when required therefore keeping the engine at optimum operating temperature.

These upgrades further enhance the established reputation of the Househam Spirit in the market for a technically advanced, high capacity self-propelled crop sprayer. With its relatively light footprint, to minimise soil compaction and crop damage throughout an often prolonged spraying season, the Spirit is the market leader in its class.

The new Househam Spirit S3-24 will make its debut on the Househam stand in Hall 1, Stand No 108 at LAMMA 2017

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