December 20, 2016 1:22 PM

Knight Farm Machinery to feature latest high-output sprayers at LAMMA 2017

With a choice of tank sizes from 3600 to 6000 litres and booms up to 36 metres wide, Knight’s Trailblazer sprayers provide cost-effective high-output performance. The sprung steering axle fitted to these models ensures sprayer wheels follow the tractor accurately and provides particularly good stability on hillsides, both of which help to reduce crop damage. The steering axle and air suspension system reduce stresses on the machines and allow good road speed.

MAXImizer boom circulation, which simplifies and speeds up tank filling, is now standard equipment on Trailblazer machines. Various advanced application control systems can be fitted, including Hypro Duo React twin-outlet nozzles and single nozzle switching instead of boom section control. ISObus control is also available, allowing sprayers to be integrated with an existing control system.

Also at LAMMA will be Knight‘s latest self-propelled models with booms from 24 to 40 metres wide. The 1800 series machines are available with tanks up to 4000 litres, while tanks up to 6000 litres are available for the 2000 series. Claas-designed premium cabs with air-suspension and exceptional all-round visibility are now standard features, and from the New Year both models are being fitted with low-emission EU Stage 4 (US EPA Tier 4) Final engines.

Category 4 cab filtration for increased protection against hazardous substances, ISObus control and various application control systems, as available on the trailed machines, are options for the SP models. > Blog Gridstyle > News > Knight Farm Machinery to feature latest high-output sprayers at LAMMA 2017