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Landquip’s CV self propelled is a fully hydrostatic machine. A hydraulically driven wheel motor on each wheel provides the drive eliminating the need for a mechanical axle, increasing the clearance underneath the sprayer reducing crop damage when passing through taller crops. 

The fully equipped, forward mounted panoramic cab allows the sprayer pack to sit centrally in the chassis giving excellent weight distribution as well as perfect forward vision for the operator. 

The CV is available with 3000, 3500, 4000 & 5000 litre fibreglass tank capacities. Alu-light booms from 18-44 metres maintain superb weight distribution overall. 

A 4000 litre, 30 metre CV228 weighs 7440 kg A 3500 litre, 24m CV170 weighs 6500kg. 

Landquip offer a range of demounts for the JCB Fastrac in 2500 litre capacity and fitted with 24-36 metre bi or tri-fold, or rear fold, Alu-light booms. Ideally suited for liquid fertiliser, the high capacity, hydraulically driven pumps enable bowser towing. 

The sprayer pack can be demounted in around 10 minutes allowing the operator to use the tractor for other tasks. 

When equipped with a 1500 or 1900 litre Vision front tank, total capacity is increased giving higher outputs and excellent weight distribution. Thanks to the Fastrac’s mechanical drive this is a go-anywhere, high speed, well balanced unit. 

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