Trelleborg will be displaying their multi-award winning ProgressiveTractionTM technology on the new TM1060 range of tyres. The new TM1060 tread design merges the best qualities of Trelleborg’s agricultural radial products. Whilst the wing effect maximises the tread width, ensuring an extra wide footprint, the ProgressiveTraction™ technology boosts the traction capability. Furthermore, the increased sidewall flexibility leads to very low soil compaction without impacting on the superior tyre strength.

The TM1060 features a higher load capacity compared to the same sizes in standard technology. The Trelleborg /60 series, with VF technology, allows the same load at lower pressure or a higher load at the same pressure. On the road, the new sidewall design significantly lowers rolling resistance, fuel consumption and emissions, while increasing stress tolerance, comfort and security for the operator. The inter-lug terracing at the base of the lug enhances the self-cleaning and traction capabilities of the tyre.


Trelleborg will be demonstrating how weight distribution changes when working on a slope, as well as weighing the sprayers on the day to show total weight and axle loads and advising on correct tyre set-up for different conditions.


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