Challenger is an industry-leading manufacturer of a diverse range of machinery including tracked tractors and spraying equipment. Challenger products are manufactured in the highest quality, most-up-to-date, specialist manufacturing facilities throughout the world, to ensure we can provide you with the most robust, durable and cost-effective machines possible.

The Challenger RoGator is a UK leader of spraying equipment and the preferred choice of many farmers and contractors. The RG 600 D has an excellent reputation for covering ground quickly, accurately, safely and reliably. The RG 635D has a tank capacity of up to 5000 litres with175 horsepower engine. In the field, with the booms unfolded, the RoGator has an optimum weight distribution of 50% front/ 50% rear, while the low centre of gravity provides increased book stability and faster working speeds, even on slopes.

The RG 600 D comes with a range of impressive features as well as excellent operator visibility and an industry-leading quiet and comfortable cab. > Challenger