The Cleveland Group are the UK distributor for Bargam sprayers. Cleveland are a national company

providing sprayers and services across the country. We have 4 full time engineers on the road and a spare

parts distribution team. We keep over £500k of spare parts, in stock, in the UK at all times. We have a

series of dealers providing local support all over the UK who are also assisted by our own engineers.

Machine on display is the Bargam Grimac J Series. The Grimac is a machine that has been in production

for 6 years but only with 1.9m clearance so has never been sold here in the UK. Now it is available with

1.3m clearance which is more suitable for the UK’s terrain. The Grimac J is Fertiliser ready has GPS

section control/ guidance and VG booms fitted as standard. It has self levelling suspension and a unique

automatic hydro system with on the move shift, giving smooth on road and in field performance. The

braking system uses external disc brakes giving a safe efficient braking system which is not reliant on oil

pressure! The key feature is tall wheels! A tall wheel ALWAYS travels better and spreads the machine

weight farm more efficiently!


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