Agrifac Condor IV

The Agrifac Condor is the most innovative agricultural self-propelled sprayer in the world. Efficient, economical, ergonomic and ecological. The famous StabiloPlus chassis forms a strong basis which ensures unrivalled stability. Thanks to the EcoTronicPlus you have the maximum and most up to date information while spraying, and while driving on the road. The clever GreenFlowPlus means that the content of the spray system is minimal, making the system quick and easy to clean. The Agrifac Condor has been designed with the most modern and comfortable cabin, with the maximum space and visibility.


Agrifac Condor Endurance

The proven StabiloPlus chassis is the basis for the Condor Endurance. With a step-less track width adjustment of 100 cm between 190 cm and 460 cm and a standard ground clearance of 125 cm, you are able to work in all crops.

The Condor Endurance is mounted with a 8,000 litre polyethyleen (PE) tank, giving the possibility to work for long periods in the field and increase efficiency and capacity.

The Endurance is equipped with a powerful 320 HP engine. Together with the strong J-boom and the StabiloPlus chassis it is possible to work at high spraying speeds. Boom widths up to 54 metre are possible. The high road speed of 50 km/h also ensures a high capacity.




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