June 13, 2017 12:30 PM

Retrofit crop sprayer controls at Cereals

Extend the life of your sprayer with technology from David King Electronics. The controllers, manufactured by German Company Müller-Elektronik, range from the Spraylight for simple trailed and mounted sprayers, to the Track-Guide II and Track-Guide III through to full ISOBUS compatible solutions for more complex mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers.

Starting at the lower end of the price range is the Spraylight terminal providing up to 7 boom section settings with a main switch enabling start of work at the touch of a button, and up to 4 hydraulic functions.

GPS guidance terminal Track-Guide II can be used as part of an integrated sprayer control system. With software option activated the terminal can be used as an ISOBUS terminal. Other software options include Section-Control to switch machine sections using GPS and VRC for variable rate using shape files.

The Track-Guide III is the next generation GPS guidance system and includes the Touch800, an 8 inch terminal and is versatile and expandable using the concept of APP & GO® to unlock optional functions. In addition the Track-Guide III can be upgraded to enable Automatic Steering as an option.


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